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Sustainable Yachting
24/7 Technical Service


Refits On-site Management

Technical Experts offering a wide range of services and project production regionally. Collaboration with Northern EU Superyacht Engineering team studying the limiting space factors however suggesting solutions for your engine room.  Engineering, design, drafting, fitting of hardware. Replacement of exhaust pipes and silencers. 

Quality Standards

ΕΝ ΙSO 9001: 2008 (Quality Management System Standard),
ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System Standard)
18001:2007 (Occupational Health & Safety Standard)  Other Certificates (welders, welding procedures, etc.) to meet the strictest certification societies.

Complete product line

Constructive studies and planning of the most challenging projects to deliver successfully specialized mechanical engineering services, repairs, and refits. The new challenging venture supports equally the regional economy and the int’l clientele, while the R&D studies feasible technology applied on Superyachts.

Technical Station ART

Technical Management.
Refit Refinery.
Full Range of Technical Services.
Marine Engineering.
Repairs and Maintenance.
ART Station Retrofitting with its R&D devoted centre under development.
Exploiting feasible solutions of contemporary technology applicable

A.R.T. The Innovative breakthrough
ECO-CONSCIOUS for the future of the yachting industry

Put forward by the UN’s International Maritime Organisation, Tier III of the IMO NOx regulations aims to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx) by around 70% compared with the current Tier II standards. The regulations apply to vessels in North America, the US Caribbean, the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, and all future NOx Emission Control Areas from Jan 2021: any boat that might pass through must comply, which basically means all must adopt these regulations.

Our YACHTDNA.ART is a Yachting Clearinghouse offering a wide range of services including charter, sales, and technical services.
The premium Technical Station ART is inspired by its Arab clientele and the acronym of ARABIYA RESTORATION TIME (Arabian Yachts Restoration Time) implementing in Superyacht retrofitting in Greece. Devoted to its multicultural clientele it develops an R&D segment to seek sustainable solutions feasibly applicable on board.

What exactly is the Premium Technical Station ART? The Technical Station to offer principally two services:
1. Convert the preowned yachts to ecological ones (no soot, no pollution to the marine environment) in collaboration with a Dutch engineering team.  2. Convert the preowned Superyachts to be compliant with the IMO TIER III with intervention in the engine room (valid as of 1.1.2021 and compulsory in USA and Baltic Sea).

We not only offer services for Superyacht Owners, but we are also helping the private and the public sector when it comes to the job market for a Green Economy. Beyond the commercial angle, we should appreciate the connection of the Arab nations to the Superyachting industry as is today. The likes of the El Mahrousa Egyptian ownership yacht of 1865, at 146m, Al-Said at 155m, Issham Al Baher at 116m, and many more were the pioneers of the superyacht industry who played a prominent role in establishing the building ground for the Giga yacht size.

The Arabic influence does not stop there as they have been the leading legislators for large yachts that accommodate for the comfort of families and the professional setting of VIPs, as well the luxury for the royal families. They also helped shape the impressive assortment of entertainment venues as well as reliable functionality that follows the PYC compliance Superyachts of today correspondent of the way that, Andreas Liveras, the father of megayachts decided to build Annaliese and Alysia in Millennium, chartered principally by Arabs. It is Arabs who first invested in Retrofitting while now taking one extra step, changes are related to the implementation of energy-efficient technologies, propulsion options, and smart technologies.

what is the ARAB OWNERSHIP

This is corroborating evidence from the industry’s data, and the superyacht intelligence agencies, since Arabic Ownership of superyachts is in the higher tenth percentile nationalities, with the majority of the megayachts to belong to Arabs, 80% of them to Gulf residents identifying UAE in the top ten of superyacht owners’ origin.

Moreover. Arabs are also the leading habitué in the demand for services as well as products provided by yacht renovation, refurbishment, and annual maintenance manufacturers in East Mediterranean at least.

As a matter of fact, it is a known tradition for Arab superyacht owners to do a scintillating makeover which helps the mobilization of multiple professionals, businesses, and industries including shipyards, naval architects, interior designers, fabric traders, and machinery workshops. Arab Gulf superyacht owners are also responsible for triggering multiple sectors of the global economy including Europe and Asia.  

The luxury of superyachts necessitates innovation in the field of technology, environmental engineering, waste management, and economic growth. 

Likewise, thanks to the concentration of luxury superyacht Ownership amongst Arabic nations and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region together with the associated market potential are the fundamental factors in our decision to establish our Technical Station ART inspired and named after the motto Arabiya Restoration Time.


The Premium Technical Station ART is developing an R&D segment seeking for feasible solutions and contemporary technology to adopt in Retrofitting. This is  about waste management appliances, sophisticated antifouling paints marine environment-friendly,  hull studies, engineering amendments, crew education on eco-friendly products. 

We study various plans in order to sustain the quality of the environment including air, land, and water; more notably, our plans for sophisticated waste management units to turn waste in a cap of processed water, PET plastic dissolution, composters, lithium batteries, solar panels, as well as hybrid electric systems that reduce carbon emissions in the air and reduce the carbon footprint. This will help the yachting industry comply with green regulations. Renewable energy and resource efficiency are likely to be the new normal in the next few years. We have already seen heavy taxation and regulation for vehicles and modes of transportation that have been damaged, thus it is best to adjust to these changes.  

Nonetheless, our Premium Technical Station offers low-cost Superyacht Technical Management with unbias superintendence, contributing to its overall excellent condition at an economical plan.



We have a reputable history with plenty of eminent figures in the industry. Our immaculate plans for our clients have always led to smooth operations, as we ensure quality for service and effective communication. We understand that many of our clients may come from different backgrounds of different cultures which is we value effective communication. We’re also open to new ideas and innovation as we’re interested in placing the yachting and marine industry on the right track for a stellar future that’s destined for domination.

Stop and Shop

One of the things we have also been interested in our goals in a vision for the future. As many in the marine industry overlook the importance of looking after the planet, we’re interested to work on projects that have a sight for a better and greener future. We’re not just interested in the future though, we also value the marine cultures which is why we’re keen on traditional craftsmanship preservation and help it thrive in a market that is headed for automation, through our sophisticated Technical Station ART.

Marine Industrial Haven

The race to save the planet is leading pioneers of the industry such as brand shipyards and designers to adopt technology for greener yachts. We wish to be one of the first in the industry like the helping hand for yacht owners and yacht businesses to make innovation a crucial part. This concerns the chain of production, from project managers, to builders, owners, and users. It is one of our tasks to educate by promoting our services, train the crew, and make easy the installment of green compliant modern technology.

Greener Future


It is our mission to serve both the international superyacht industry and our clientele by connecting regional demand with international expertise in the luxury yacht management, technical, and renovation services. Proportionally, this will bring about more innovation when it comes to the preservation of the global economy as well as reducing the exacerbation of the environment. In short, our mission concerns:

  • R&D Centre scheduled for development.
  • Innovative Technology applicable on Superyachts
  • Enrichment of the local and international job market
  • Better Green deals – Green Superyachts compliancy
  • Less carbon footprint
  • The preservation of the Arabic Superyacht culture and heritage
  • Establishing the ART as a liaison for funding, budgeting, and creating new projects that concern Superyachts in the Arab world.
  • Energy conservation 


We plan to perpetuate the constructive development and preservation of the superyacht industry by way of introducing new technologies that help enrich the job market as well as reduce carbon footprint in the air and allow minimum impact on the marine environment. Moreover, we plan to use the power of technology to bridge between the best the superyacht industry sectors and the Superyacht owners on a single platform, the ART.

This will be where we can discuss critical ideas such as future projects, planning, budgeting, and funding for such projects. Furthermore, we plan to pave the way for the evolution of the new superyacht industry led by the –same pattern and name, Asian Yachts Restoration Time. 

green future

The Superyacht industry is a magnificent terrain with so many beautiful sectors to constantly develop, educate, and share the essence of luxury from any view while also rapidly changing for the better. Shipyards, naval architects, engineering teams, non-profit environmental foundations including Arabic Governmental foundations work hard and use the latest science and data figures come up with more sustainable energy options.  This is all done in order to minimize the footprint of carbon dioxide and prevent the recession of fossil fuels. 

As a result, this project will ensure that the yachting industry is on the right path for a better future, not to mention, the yachting and marine industry in the Arab world could set an example for the rest of the world on how things should be from now on, just like they have always done in the yachting industry.

Meantime, our Premium Technical Station provides already a wide range of services such as Consultancy, Supervision & Inspection services to the Superyacht industry, Superintendence.  Based in Greece we travel globally to support our Clients.  We are completely independent, allowing us to give our clientele the best possible unbiased advice.

in search of feasible SOLUTIONS

Yachtdna ART R&D project is to perform its research through dozens of traders, beyond the existing customized and patented solutions, and before reaching out to working one-on-one with you, in an effort to be a part of this change in emerging new technologies to achieve sustainable goals. We’ve discussed with renowned leaders in the world of sustainable energy as well as marine engineers and traders to go over the options available for more sustainable solutions and we’re happy to offer soon our guidance and administration to all yacht owners.

The journey towards a better future will be tough and there will be endeavors for both the Owners and the brand, however, we plan to be part of the future in ethos and prestige. Yachtdna ART is launching these services to help create a better future for the youth and the generations following. With this initiative, specifically, our Arab clientele will be part of immortalizing their efforts in the industry of sustainable energy and Superyachting.  This goes in line with the R&D segment in development within our Technical Station ART, which will reinforce and embed the world of green energy in Superyachts in collaboration with the market leaders and modern technology. Doing this early on will help the industry move forward which will actually create more opportunities for business leaders as well as the working sectors.

TECHNICAL services and repairs
one-stop contact point
superintendence and condition reports

Steel Work Services

  • Damage Surveys & Repairs
  • Classification Society Surveys & Repairs
  • Steel renewal in/on cargo holds, cargo/fuel/ballast tanks, engine/generator/pump/boiler room, double bottoms, shell plates, decks & superstructures, bow/stern & bulbous bow areas.
  • Hatch covers & coamings
  • Steel outfits (air vents, ladders, platforms etc.)
  • Fender Systems
  • Steel Davits repairs
  • Watertight Doors
  • Lashing Equipment (faileaders, bollards, rollers etc.)


  • Renewal and construction of piping systems in/on cargo holds, cargo/fuel/ballast tanks, engine/generator/pump/boiler room, double bottoms, shell plates, decks/accommodation/superstructures.
  • Galvanized / Hydraulic High Pressure / Stainless Steel / GRP Pipes
  • High Resistance Materials Pipes (CuNiFe, Copper-Nikkel etc.)
  • Piping Systems with Threaded Fittings
  • MIG, MAG & TIG Welding Methods
  • More than 15 Certified Welding Procedures for Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Materials
  • Specified in Treatment of Various Metal Types such as Aluminum, Stainless Steel, CuNiFe etc.
  • Integrated Quality Assurance for Welding Performance based on International Standards (EN 3834, APi 650 etc.) according to our Customer’s Requirements.
  • Non Destructive Tests (NDT) for Weldings


  • General Works in Main Engines & Generators (overhauling, inspection, etc.)
  • Repair Works in Winches, Pumps, Gate/Globe/Safety/Butterfly Valves
  • Boilers Repairs, General Electrical Works (re-winding, cleanings, testings etc.)
  • Accommodation works: 3D visual concepts, Interior Design & Constructions
  • General Outfitting Works, Carpentry Works, Insulations
  • Air Condition & Ventilation, Electrical & Electronic Works
  • Dry Dock Services: Hull Treatment (Hydro/Sand Blasting, Painting, etc.)
  • Propeller / Rudder Repairs, Anodes Renewal
  • General Services: Lifting Equipment Inspection & Load Test Execution (Life Boats, Cranes, etc.)
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement
  • Voyage Repairs, Gas Freeing Works
  • General Supplies (steel materials, piping equipment, etc.)


The contemporary Technical Station ART provides a wide range of technical services, superintendence, consultancy, condition surveys. 

By appointing to us the Technical Administration we care for the daily Operations, by working on administering everyday mundane business such as client consultation, budgeting, daily operations, Captain’s support. In short our mission concerns:

  • Emmissions and Noise Reduction
    Consultancy, Study, Systems & Installment
  • One-stop contact point
  • Daily Operations
  • Budgeting
  • Captain’s Support
  • Superyacht Refit Refinery 
  • Superyacht Technical Administration
  • Innovative Technology applicable on Superyachts
  • Enrichment of the local and international job market
  • Better Green deals – Green Superyachts compliancy
  • Less carbon footprint
  • The preservation of the Arabic Superyacht culture and heritage
  • Establishing the ART Retrofitting with temporary technology as a liaison for funding, budgeting, and creating new projects that concern Superyachts in the Superyacht industry
  • Superyacht Energy conservation

featured concept

Monaco-based designer and artist George Lucian is famous for a great series of extraordinary superyacht concepts. The yachting world had been amazed by the 70-meter explorer superyacht Fata Morgana that we adore to present. In times of environmental concern in the industry and when over ten major superyacht brands have signed up to carbon footprint reduction, the concept has been purposefully designed to raise awareness about the irreversible changes that take place in the arctic areas.

The 70-meter explorer yacht has been designed to be chartered in the arctic areas, including the Northwest passage, which due to the climate changes and the melting of the icecaps is much easier to navigate through. Fata Morgana will come with an ice-classed hull, to be able to navigate in the arctic waters and aims to perfectly fit with the arctic landscape, with her bow resembling a rock formation partially covered in snow, and the stern having a glass structure corresponding with icebergs.

From afar Fata Morgana may look like an island, just as her name suggests, referring to a complex form of superior mirage, described in the sailor’s old legends. The glass structure of the yacht accommodates the main saloon and the VIP suites offering unobstructed views of the sky and of the surroundings. The rest of the yacht bears superyacht features, providing accommodation for up to 12 guests and 18 crew members.

The yacht would come fitted with an outdoor swimming pool, a telescope/sky observatory just above the bridge deck, and a helipad. In addition, Fata Morgana shall be equipped with devices that would constantly monitor the ocean’s temperature and composition and transmit them to the concerned international organizations. Techno wise, the superyacht would boast a range of 7,000 nautical miles and would be also able to navigate kite-assisted for smooth long-distance travels. Naturally, the project is designed for low emissions and waste.