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Our business has a variety of uses in the world of yachting, in sectors of accounting, crewing, and branding, while we operate any project management, software management from shore and distance, being the voice of the Ownership, and His Representative in legal, commercial, and promotional cases. 

We offer mentorship, consultancy and implementation in commercial management. Are you a Superyacht Broker? We can work with you. Are you a Shipyard? Are you a Superyacht Owner? 

Owner’s asset protection, cost control, transparency, comfort: Administration is competitive when defined by aforesaid highlighted elements binding together to ensure Owner’s peace of mind. It takes expertise, professional attitude, and expertise to succeed in a realistic administration and take correct decisions when the yacht in great autonomy cruises the globe, in hands of a skillfully selected crew, well maintained in competitive budget, and accepts the complete risk delegation as a management team.

Successful operational management lies in the efficiency of the team to prove support to the Captain by offering relief in workload. The team, with a vigorous pace to monitor vessel’s necessities, keeps always track of important dates for the significant orders and flag surveys, in order for everything to be duly functional and all certificates valid.

Through an intelligent database stored in modern software by human input, the team controls further actions and issues, to report at any moment for the yacht’s position, the inventory on board, all type of supplies, order-lists, commitments to assortments related to commercial subjects like bunkers, lubricants, spares, and extending to crew visas, crew arrangements, finally to the insurance subjects and financial control.   Tailored management defines all options and length of services to further effectuate within fields of agency services and concierge services. 

Our Premium Technical Station ART project pairing two-generation Professional teams provides Superintendence, technical management and a new venture to transform Superyachts to ecological units. ,  Based in Greece we travel globally to support our Clients.  We are completely independent, allowing us to give our Clients the best possible unbiased advice.



In collaboration with the award-winning exterior designer George Lucian, together as a team of young designers, Hannah Sahra and George Lucian Studio proposes a skyscraper design to complete the future skyline of Manhattan or any region a golden state-of-art skyscraper would fit in the landscape.
“The Vertical Yacht” is a design with its exterior inspired by one of the sculptures of the famous Romanian world-renown sculptor, Constantin Brancusi, whose permanent exhibition is just a couple of streets away at the MOMA NY.

Covered in copper/bronze/terracotta and similar look-alike metallic materials, the building would offer dramatic views at each sunset. It is designed to be a residential building, offering the highest level of luxury and exclusivity for future owners.
Ideal for new regions under development like NEOM KSA and Masdar City in Abu Dhabi.

I’d love to watch sand storms safe in the beautiful gold skyscraper.

boutique brand by maria K.bakalakou

Yachtdna ART is boutique-brand working one-on-one, and offering all activities about Superyachts to the Superyacht Owner, the Shipyard, the Superyacht Broker who wishes to use our expertise. 

Destined to bloom, the brand will be a part of this change emerging new technologies to achieve sustainable goals. We’ve discussed with renowned leaders in the world of sustainable energy as well as marine engineers and traders to go over the options available for more sustainable solutions and we’re happy to offer our guidance and administration to all yacht owners.

The journey towards a better future will be tough and there will be endeavors for both the Owners and the brand, however, we plan to be part of the future in ethos and prestige. Yachtdna ART is launching these services to help create a better future for the youth and the generations following. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us. The stated mobile number is 24/7 available.

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We will be happy to meet you and accommodate any of your requests. If you are miles away from our Greek-based office let us call you and discuss your enquiries.