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Business Development


Your Precious Time saved.  
Lifting the weight off your shoulders.
Refined teamwork for operating variables and logistics.
Peace of Mind for You. Superyacht Commercial Administration. 


Details matter.
Shaping joyful memories

Design your itinerary.
Explore the globe in all seasons.

A priceless family vacation on board Superyachts through Camper & Nicholsons.



We will help you set up your business reputation with a strategic plan. Marketing and business plan to establish the service in the yachting world and support your sustainability venture.

Technical Station ART

Preowned yachts retrofit project.
Superintendence and sophisticated technical management concepts for the UAE over sustainability
Budgeting and Prevention.
Eco-retrofit Refinery. 
Project implementation.

Triumphing in the Superyacht Charter Business, Maria Bakalakou is offering a great Superyacht consultancy in all schemes. By attending privileged projects close to Arab Royalties and their fleet, Maria exerts her expertise in the constantly innovating Superyacht industry employed by brand companies, UHNWI, and family offices. Determined to be part of an eco-conscious era, amidst restrictions and uncertainties, this is the perfect time for establishing a regionally oriented business. 

The yachting industry needs green energy innovation and technology to meet TIER III regulations, making Superyachts noiseless units and managing waste with zero footprints in the environment, because such would meet the needs of the present without compromising the future.

We have already seen the shipping and cruising industries make that leap forward by reducing carbon emissions in the air and on land by reducing their fuel use. The law comes for the yachting industry to force compliance with green policies to achieve sustainable goals, minimizing noise and pollution to the environment, succeeding in fewer emissions and less NOX2 introducing feasible electrical power innovative engineering for the existing superyachts, and timing is the best to exploit feasible solutions.

We are future-driven, exploiting technology solutions through the project of the Premium Technical Station ART and suggesting ways to turn a yacht green as feasible as possible. We shall also exploit options for the utilization of new materials such as synthetic silk, excessive glass at no penalty for weight, other restrictions, and so much more in retrofitting. We shall develop the Research & Development part of the Premium Technical Station ART in collaboration with the industry traders who contribute to a common effort sharing the same goals and a trusted partnership to work together towards the same directions even from different paths.

We are a team of maritime professionals who can help mediate between superyacht businesses for project cooperation. With long years of experience in managing and facilitating business between all boards of organizations, including executives, PR agents, fiscal agencies, and project managers, we have managed to create a comprehensive strategy that is customized to each project, business, or goal.

If you are a superyacht owner, we are here for you. Not only do we perform business liaison to enhance professional bonds and smooth communication with MYBA brokers, shipyards, designers, and technical units, but we also offer a butler-like service as an extension for projects that need more manpower at every project. 

With extensive experience and proven records in Superyacht charter management, Maria K. Bakalakou has made a comeback in the charter industry after a break with Arab Royalties and their fleet.

“A great love for the yachting community and innovative approach makes me happy to partner with a prominent multicultural team of Maritime Professionals and offer a butler service in charter schemes, commercial and technical administration, and occasionally as a subcontractor. The brand is ambitious to apply fresh ideas in Superyacht refits and retrofits, engineering, and interventions for sustainable solutions”. 

We have a reputable history with plenty of eminent figures in the industry. Our immaculate plans for our clients have always led to smooth operations, as we ensure quality of service and effective communication. We understand that many of our clients may come from different backgrounds of different cultures which is we value effective communication. We’re also open to new ideas and innovation as we’re interested in placing the yachting and marine industry on the right track for a stellar future that’s destined for domination.
A History Full of Triumph
One of the things we have also been interested in our goals in a vision for the future. As many in the marine industry overlook the importance of looking after the planet, we’re interested to work on projects that have a sight for a better and greener future. We’re not just interested in the future, though, we also value the marine cultures which is why we’re keen on traditional craftsmanship preservation and help it thrive in a market that is headed for automation, through our sophisticated Technical Station ART.
A vision for the Future and the Heritage
The race to save the planet is leading pioneers of the industry such as brand shipyards and designers to adopt technology for greener yachts. We wish to be one of the first in the industry like the helping hand for yacht owners and yacht businesses to make innovation a crucial part. This concerns the chain of production, from project managers, to builders, owners, and users. It is one of our tasks to educate by promoting our services, train the crew, and make easy the installment of green compliant modern technology.
Greener Future

“Always, I have been flabbergasted by the ocean and yachts. Drawn to anything that has to do with the sea and craftsmanship, this has made me stand in the Superyacht industry for the last two and a half decades as Owner’s representative and a charter manager. My portfolio speaks for itself when it comes to my proven records – a history of deals in charter, and commercial management.

I’m blessed to collaborate with reputable international and regional brands in diverse successful projects in the maritime industry and after a 5-year commitment to Saudi private yachts to get back into the industry with fresh ideas. My resume corroborates the fact that I operate and manage a variety of projects that deal with maritime businesses. In appreciation of my expertise and attention to detail in all procedures, my clientele enjoys my butler service as an added value. 

Amidst geographical restrictions and financial ups and downs, there has always been scope for innovations. The brand was designed to embrace sustainability through a range of services to support the national economy and serve society through environmental projects.

We provide top-notch, competing service for Superyachts at the best rates or on a commission basis, with special diligence and professionalism. Contact us to connect with us”.

Maria K. Bakalakou