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Arabs defined the size of yachts as of today

arabs defined the size of the yachts as they are today
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Arabs have played a prominent role in the rise and expansion of the superyachts industry, to define the gigayacht size decades ago as we know it today. Throwing back in time we can recall the El Mahrousa Egyptian ownership yacht of 1865, at 146m, and only later Al Said at 155m, Issham Al Baher at 116m and many more built before the recent decades.  The Arabic Nation has also always been chartering large yachts requesting accommodation for over 12 guests suitable for families and staff and an exquisite array of entertainment amenities, demands to pitch in the PYC compliant Superyachts of today.  This is how the father of megayachts, Andreas Liveras, decided to build Annaliese and Alysia in Millennium.  

According to the industry’s data Arabic Ownership is in the top ten nationalities, with the majority of the megayachts belonging to Arabs, 80% of them to Gulf residents. Data are sourced from the superyacht intelligence agencies which define and classify the ownership origin, identifying UAE in the top ten of superyacht owners’ origin.

Arabs also drive the demand for services and products provided by different related industries such as yacht renovation, refurbishment, annual maintenance and other technical services. It is actually an Arabic habit the pre-owned yachts acquisition and total makeover by redesigning parts of the yacht. The demand for these services mobilizes multiple professionals and businesses including shipyards, naval architects, interior designers, fabric traders, machinery workshops, workforce in expertise per section, painting units, technology traders, etc. across multiple sectors of the global economy and in diverse geographical locations including Europe and Asia principally.



The concentration of luxury superyacht Ownership amongst Arabic nations and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region together with the associated market potential are the fundamental factors in our decision to establish Arabiya Restoration Time (ART), a technical station for superyachts which belong to Arabs.  

We plan to provide multiple services available through a network of industry professionals and Environmental & Technology Organizations for the cases of technology appliances and safe materials set on board like sophisticated waste management units to turn garbage in a cap of gray water, PET plastic crusher, various composters, lithium batteries, hybrid electric systems to allow fewer fumes in the environment, appliances to minimize the polluting footprint on the environment, thus turning the yachts to Green Yachts, and making them compliant with Green policies.


Arabs own seven of world’s top ten superyachts, whilst in sizes of 77m+ within this compilation chart, it is noticed 30 owners originate to the Arabic World. If we would extend the list of the 200 largest yachts in planet, statistics prove the 2/3 ownership of Asia continent owners, with the majority of shipyards/builders in Europe. 

Greece remains a crossroads with lots of Arabic Superyachts arrange for the annual maintenance in the region and cross Canal for a 3-day route to reach the islands in Red Sea, or a 3-day route to West Mediterranean. 

YACHTDNA.ART is a yachting clearinghouse offering a wide range of services including charter and sales, and a premium Technical Station with the ART section devoted to its Arab clientele, with a devoted page under the domain

It is our mission to serve both the international superyacht industry and the Arab clientele by connecting regional demand with international expertise in luxury yacht management, technical and renovation services.

arabs defined the gigasize and the amenities
Statistics say

The first constructions of a mega or giga size yacht have been for Arabs. The first compilation of mega yachts was owned by Arabs, some of them Saudis. The charter operation of the mega yachts was 90% by Saudis, following statistics and records of mega yachts like the ex Annaliesse and more.

Swimming pools, sauna rooms, submarines, helipads and quarters for a crew of 80 to serve every possible need, satisfying the ostentatious demands of the few, is no easy task. 

But the whole industry in order to accommodate these requests competed in mega size constructions to satisfy firstly the owners’ needs and secondly the charter operations.

arabs in the industry

Who charters Superyachts? Arabs do. There is high ratio ownership of megayachts and superyachts, especially by Arabs. Moreover, the Chartering of Mega Yachts is dominated in the list of the word’s’ top superyachts by Saudi Arabs. It is after Ramadan Arabs start their yacht vacation with an itinerary in the Mediterranean. Autumn finds them extend periods either in Baleares or at the Red Sea, or other seas and oceans, like the Indian Ocean; rarely in the Caribbean.

Why the statistics do not mention Arabs charter their yachts? It is not a secret that Oligarchs and Prime Ministers enjoy time on these yachts and usually seal a deal. Yachts perform charter operation discreetly with Very Important Persons on board, in a safe environment media may not harass.  Such Chartering process goes through agencies with expertise, specialized to accomplish the legitimate agenda with the correct delivery to the Charterers, flying under radars. It is a common practice of Ownership to maintain a very discreet status from the market. Therefore such activities are hardly recorded in the media. On the contrary, all parties implemented, including local authorities and marine agencies, are committed within a binding Confidentiality Agreement.

In the last years, upon delivery of a superyacht fleet to Emirates, the owners support the regional economy by principally enjoying their state. If you need some Statistics in New Buildings of 45m+, then 232 Motor yachts delivered and to be delivered in sizes over 45m with Lurssen, Oceanco, Feadship, Abeking & Rasmussen, Heesen Nobiskrug, Benetti, Icon Yachts, Pride Yachts, Turquoise Yachts, and RAV to build in 70+ sizes. A new generation of 80-120m yachts is to be delivered within the forthcoming 3 years. Guess how many belong to Arabs? 


green future

The Superyacht industry is a magnificent terrain with so many beautiful sectors to constantly develop, educate, and share the essence of luxury from any view while also rapidly changing for the better. Shipyards, naval architects, engineering teams, non-profit environmental foundations including Arabic Governmental foundations work hard and use the latest science and data figures come up with more sustainable energy options.  This is all done in order to minimize the footprint of carbon dioxide and prevent the recession of fossil fuels. 

As a result, this project will ensure that the yachting industry is on the right path for a better future, not to mention, the yachting and marine industry in the Arab world could set an example for the rest of the world on how things should be from now on, just like they have always done in the yachting industry.

Meantime, our Premium Technical Station provides already a wide range of services such as Consultancy, Supervision & Inspection services to the Superyacht industry, Superintendence.  Based in Greece we travel globally to support our Clients.  We are completely independent, allowing us to give our clientele the best possible unbiased advice.

in search of feasible SOLUTIONS

Yachtdna ART R&D performs its research through dozens of traders before reaching out to working one-on-one with you, in an effort to be a part of this change in emerging new technologies to achieve sustainable goals. We’ve discussed with renowned leaders in the world of sustainable energy as well as marine engineers and traders to go over the options available for more sustainable solutions and we’re happy to offer soon our guidance and administration to all yacht owners.

The journey towards a better future will be tough and there will be endeavors for both the Owners and the brand, however, we plan to be part of the future in ethos and prestige. Yachtdna ART is launching these services to help create a better future for the youth and the generations following. With this initiative, specifically, our Arab clientele will be part of immortalizing their efforts in the industry of sustainable energy and Superyachting.  This goes in line with the R&D segment in development within our Technical Station ART, which will reinforce and embed the world of green energy in Superyachts in collaboration with the market leaders and modern technology. Doing this early on will help the industry move forward which will actually create more opportunities for business leaders as well as the working sectors.


The contemporary Technical Station ART provides a wide range of technical services, superintendence, consultancy, condition surveys. 

By appointing to us the Technical Administration we care for the daily Operations, by working on administering everyday mundane business such as client consultation, budgeting, daily operations, Captain’s support. In short our mission concerns:

  • Emmissions and Noise Reduction
    Consultancy, Study, Systems & Installment
  • One-stop contact point
  • Daily Operations
  • Budgeting
  • Captain’s Support
  • Superyacht Refit Refinery 
  • Superyacht Technical Administration
  • Innovative Technology applicable on Superyachts
  • Enrichment of the local and international job market
  • Better Green deals – Green Superyachts compliancy
  • Less carbon footprint
  • The preservation of the Arabic Superyacht culture and heritage
  • Establishing the ART Retrofitting with temporary technology as a liaison for funding, budgeting, and creating new projects that concern Superyachts in the Superyacht industry