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We are a small team devoted to charter operations. In appreciation of the beautiful things our multicultural clientele and market leaders taught to us from the very beginning, we give back by sharing this knowledge, with a mindset focused on how priceless a family vacation can be and how many places on our precious planet to be explored in safety and respect for the environment.

Quality Standards

Communication with MYBA brokers. Financial Negotiations. Crew Profile matching to the culture and other family and guest requirements. Yachting destinations still open, ideal seasons, and Superyachts Portfolio are available at the time of the charter. Itinerary planning. Concierge Services. APA monitoring and accounting.

Accurate information

Well informed we are following the currents and updates. We carefully select the Superyachts from MYBA Int’l CAs in readiness to accommodate your charter, by accepting a deposit in a flexible agreement occasionally, and even accept cancellation at any time, while Insurance Houses in the industry may supplement charter insurance charged at cost.

7 dimensions of

The crew team is the one special element for every successful charter to cater to your wellness. while occasionally Repeater Charterers ask for the same crew every year. Culinary cuisine Chefs using fresh ingredients, yoga, and gym instructors, water-toys instructors, all to care for your physical, social and emotional wellness.

boutique Brand

YACHTDNA.ART is a Charter Clearing House offering a wide range of services on chartering with attention to detail second to none.

We not only offer services for Superyacht Owners, but we care to deliver a supreme quality service to the Charterer. Focusing on our core pillar of commercial management and charter services, we are delighted to offer our BUTLER-SERVICE in your every charter, at every yachting destination. 

In collaboration with MYBA Charter Brokers centralizing some of the most amazing Superyachts, Masters, and fiscal agents appointed at every region of the itinerary, we care for every detail. We care about your nutrition habits, the freshness of the food, the knowledge of the crew team, and each one of them, the best itineraries, and things to do every day. 

Every detail counts. Our care starts with choosing the proper yachts matching your needs, negotiating, taking into consideration special insurance and cancellation policies, and then, we implement logistics and APA accounting. Contact us to discuss your vacation plans.


Lazy days in turquoise waters, Tours to Research Stations, Iceberg Exploration, Helicopter Sightseeing, Submersible Dives, ice-studded waters Kayaking, Guided Exploration, Wildlife Observation, and Expedition ashore. Think out of the box beyond the summer destinations and explore the globe at any season.

Check with your Specialist Consultant about the destinations which remain closed according to Governmental instructions due to the conditions caused by this invisible disruptor, and which destinations are still operable and approached for cruising.


Whether it is a family reunion, or friends spending time together, a charter can be a great combination of relaxed moments on board your luxurious yacht enjoying culinary cuisine and great amenities, leisure at remote bays enjoying swimming in safe waters and water leisure, and adventure or a cultural trip, with some parties on board or on the beach. Beach BBQ, treasure hunting, organized theme events on board or ashore, are only a part of our routine and this makes our services enjoyable too. 

When far in Antarctica, Alaska, Northern Seas, exploration guides, specialized agents and additional crew are on hand to supplement experience and ensure success in exploration ashore or by tenders, fast-track formalities at no delays, additional experiences like one day fishing, whale watching and so many more spectacles of our beautiful earth.



We charter Superyachts for 25 years. We have a reputable background in the charter business with plenty of eminent figures in the industry. As a Charter Manager of the ex-RM Elegant experience with the PYC compliant Superyachts offered a priceless know-how. Our immaculate plans for our clients have always led to smooth operations, as we ensure quality for service and effective communication. We understand that many of our clients may come from different backgrounds of different cultures which is we value effective communication and professionalism.


We are passionate with chartering. Commercial Superyachts are complying with the most stringent regulations and crew team knows well about sanitizing and maintaining safe the living environment on board, inventory and amenities. In spite of regional restrictions and flight limitations, tailor made charter plans are always handy for a safe and happy cruise. In essence, think positive, we are operational, ready to help and supply, as we've had plenty of time to communicate with Centrals and Brokers, and feel geared up for the new season with a great energy and enthusiasm.

Stay safe on board

The rich palette of cultures, traditions, history and food, extends to the crew team as well. Experienced seamen from the globe will be handy to arrange theme parties on board, beach happenings, dining al fresco along with a thematic cuisine, exercise their talent and offer you Spa treatments and wellness on board, let you relax while they pamper you and cater to every your need. One of the most beautiful experiences is the professional crew. Professionalism to make repeated and experienced Charterers occassionally request the very same crew every year.

One planet One people

operational destinations

Currently speaking, October 2020 the following destinations remain closed for  Superyacht cruising implying Superyachts do not yet perform charters in the region: 

  • Patagonia & Chile, Brazil.
  • Most Caribbean destinations like Antigua, Grenada, BVI.
  • Florida, Mexico, California, New England.
  • Thailand, Indonesia, Fiji, Papua, up to Australia and New Zealand.
  • Baltic Sea, Norway, Denmark. 

Open destinations to cruise on board your Superyacht:

  • Mediterranean countries.
  • UK, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland.
  • Seychelles, Maldives, potentially the Red Sea in NEOM region under verification, Emirates too.
  • Caribbean St. Barths, St. Martin, USVI, Bahamas.
  • Costa Rica.
  • Galapagos Islands, Polynesia. 
  • Alaska.


SUPERYACHT OWNERS: West Mediterranean is an ideal base for a Superyacht cruise. The Milk Run for a comfortable weekend or week to cruise the idyllic Cote D’Azur or stretch up to Liguria or Corsica. Comfortable for fueling in Gibraltar for a Superyacht crossing the Atlantic, the Caribbean can be a great winter destination to cruise. 

If the Superyacht Owner wishes instead to explore East the positioning for winter can be the Red Sea, Seychelles, or the Maldives. Such an itinerary may bring the asset to Eastern seas in the exploration of more non-conventional countries to explore. 

SUPERYACHT CHARTERERS: Enquire from your Charter Consultant the availabilities per destination as this is the person to combine requests, negotiate to minimize repositioning fees, and recommend amongst availabilities best options. 

Postpone if any restrictions

Current Policy:

Book early your charter for the open and operable destinations. 

In case of a new regional lockdown, flight restriction and similar conditions to remind of the ‘force majeure’ there is a postponement policy for taking a later date within next year at no penalty fee.

great mindset

Yachtdna ART working one-on-one, will be a part of this change emerging new technologies to achieve sustainable goals. We’ve discussed with renowned leaders in the world of sustainable energy as well as marine engineers and traders to go over the options available for more sustainable solutions and we’re happy to offer our guidance and administration to all yacht owners.

The journey towards a better future will be tough and there will be endeavors for both the Owners and the brand, however, we plan to be part of the future in ethos and prestige. 


Operations start with the evaluation of the correct charter rate, adjusted to any value sourced from a refit, before promoting your Superstar in the Charter Market; evaluating as well the anticipation of tear and wear concerning the engineering and inventory on board, however, improve the post-sale value. We are the liaisons with the MYBA brokers, the Superyacht Owners, the Captains, and arrange the following:

  • Branding the Superyacht in the industry with the promotion in digital format.
  • Promotion to Charter Brokers through events on board and promotion in Superyacht shows.
  • Promotion of the organization about logistics, financial subjects, technical and legal subjects.
  • Social Media, interviews with the dedicated Press, and other digital platforms promotion.
  • Brokers’ friendly website and files update including the Crew Profile.
  • Choice of Photographer, photoshoot, and brochure creation, digital and print format.
  • Market Research and Data Intelligence to maximize your asset’s perspective in the charter business.

CHARTER for business

Maximize the promotion and value of your Superyacht star by hosting well-organized corporate and thematic events on board. We do care for protecting your property while such an event might take place on your wide custom carpets and lounge silk textiles.

  • Superyacht protection with additional materials, carpets, furniture, covers, teak protection. 
  • Collaboration with the best event makers in any region. 
  • Thematic events create memorably precious moments and boost the exposition of your star. 

charter before purchase

It is one of the most common policies to survey a yacht during a short or long-term charter. After all most of the yachts get popular because of chartering. Charter keeps your property active in the industry with a great profile as long as is maintained properly and renovated whenever or whereas the need. 

If you are a potential Buyer, then give a try to your chosen yacht through a charter which will let you know if the yacht noiseless, if well maintained, no vibration or other worrying things, live at every its space and enjoy time on board. If ready then you may wisely move onto the next step. Contact us for more.


How our Superyacht Business survives in crisis? Regional focused service, innovation, knowledge.
The superyacht business faces an unknown threat but with the right tools, strategies, and planning, the industry of luxury yachts can make a blooming comeback not only to invigorate the industry itself but also to give a helping hand to other industries including green power. 

  1. Safety is the number one priority. Shipyards and Technical Units was operating as a small village during the general lockdown. The crew team on board Superyachts restricts operations through digital means instead of mix and max in the trading areas.

  2. The knowledge of the globe, trends, airport news, governmental data and currents, to facilitate the requests of the Ultra-Wealthy Owners and Charterers. Attention to the Superyacht Media to source useful information and shipyards. The Boatinternational and The Superyacht Group has been awesome with proper information, likewise brand shipyards such as Amels, Heesen, Oceanco (yes I love the Dutch), designers like Andrew Winch, and Engineering Studios like Lateral have been informing us to provide the missing link in our common actions against the invisible enemy. 

  3. Inspiration: Media like TV, social media, and websites devoted to the Superyachts may keep the flame for the time of free traveling again when we will win the battle with the invisible enemy. Marketing and media is a global effective industry that has a lot of influence on global trade, we’ve seen this tendency since the creation of social media outlets devoted to marketing and disseminating content. Likewise, the yachting industry can benefit from a boost from these outlets by marketing and sharing content on social events, travel, trips, and tours.  This strategy can be very efficient in keeping the flame burning. It proved to be a good strategy in bringing more audience to the yacht industry as well as retaining the attention of previous yacht enthusiasts. As an example The Superyacht Group Media Agency or shipyards for which they have taken over the digital campaigns proved to marketer immensely and well with a significant raise of the audience proved by their data. What is certain is that the clientele of the shipyards promoting the online or small groups gathered on site, or online conference groups, raise the brand value and keep their clientele busy enough from this media policy.  


4. Exploit regional business and implement futuristic energy approach. The resources on earth, as endless as they may seem, are still finite. Therefore, we must look for alternative ways to recycle energy or different energy sources. This process has already taken place in progressive businesses and is soon coming to the big industries. The automobile industry is slowly but surely moving towards that direction with electric and hybrid cars, some cars are even self-automated to use green energy rather than fossil fuel. Shipping has already applicable laws and initiatives to turn ships green. 

The yachting industry is no different, the super-wealthy and the yacht owners are forced to comply with green deals and taxes that inhibit the growth of their business. The pioneers in science already offer alternative fuel and technology to make Superyachts noiseless, and minimize the footprint in the environment. As a result, the yachting industry tends to choose an earth-friendly approach such as the one we plan to offer at the Technical Station ART. Yachts will gain more value and credibility thanks to the green certificate we grant. Our strategy is not only effective for the short term crisis management that the virus has enforced, but also the long term crisis that is ongoing with the energy supply and the environment.

Cruising the planet is the scope. However, here in Greece, we do offer 7 different itineraries in diverse landscapes and cultures to offer a safe model of charter from Spring to Winter.