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blue karma oracle

35m Custom Phinisi 2019
3 cabins 6 guests 10 crew

Charter Rate plus taxes and all expenses
May-October: Komodo National Park, Flores $5,500/night
November-April: Raja Ampat, Papua $6,000/night
October-November: Alor & Banda Spice Islands $6,000/night
Rates subject to 10% VAT


A meticulously handcrafted three cabin 35-meter phinisi created around the vision of liberating body and soul while sailing across the Indonesian archipelago. The yacht is part of the Blue Karma Secrets portfolio, renowned as some of the most impressive and chic private villas and resorts in Bali. As the owners’ first interpretation of a yacht, the concept follows the same ethos of creating a tranquil haven paired with impeccable attention to detail and a warm, authentic approach to hospitality. 

The 10-strong crew provide excellent service on private charters, including a private chef and two masseuses. With two beautiful above deck cabins and an additional cabin below deck, The Oracle offers a stylish choice for groups looking to explore the islands between Bali, Komodo and Raja Ampat. Accommodation is in 3 cabins. There are two identical cabins on the main and top decks with natural light filtering through private terraces. This twin master cabin layout is an ideal solution for two couples. An additional below deck cabin offers flexibility for a third couple or children. All king size beds are equipped with single-to-twin latex mattresses, providing heavenly comfort and making it possible to customize the bedding arrangements according to the preferences of each charter.

Blue Karma Secrets: The upscale villas and resorts owned by Blue Karma Secrets are escapes from reality that were designed to give one a chance to make peace with oneself and the surroundings. The philosophy is simple – combining the location of their facilities with awareness of the culture and society surrounding them. Blue Karma Secrets’ escapes are filled with luxurious amenities, extraordinary comfort, and a sense of tranquility and solitude. The Oracle adds its adventurous spirit to the mixture, making it an ideal extension of the Blue Karma Secrets portfolio.




L.O.A. :

Cruise Speed:

35m / 114ft




10 crew members:
Captain, Cruise director, Chief officer, chief engineer, second engineer, chef, 2 multifunction matelot, 1 multifunction service masseuse.
Indonesian and international cuisine, on board dining alfresco. Beach setup.



Accommodation is available for 6 guests in 3 king size bedded Cabins with private facilities. King size bed with high quality mattress 100% latex. Sound system and video projector in bedrooms and living rooms. Inside each of the two wooden cabins are panoramic windows with black-out roller blinds to keep the room as dark as you wish and a highly comfortable single-to-twin latex mattress for an easily customized bedding arrangement with a partner, or within groups.



Indoor living room 36m2, Outdoor, front deck 9.3m length 7.4 width at its largest, Boat tip 9.1m, Sundeck 19m2, Marine AC bedrooms and living room. Sound system and video projector in bedrooms and living rooms. 

Tenders 2 : 100HP and 40 HP. 
Paddles, kayak, full dive and snorkelling equipment, Wifi when in range.
Massage 1/person/day.  Diving equipment. 





Custom Phinisi built in 2019 with a great crew of 10 for a small group of 6.

Beautiful classic phinisi to explore the mythical landscapes of the national park of Komodo, the Papua, the Banda Spice Islands depending onto the period of your visit in Indonesia and the experience combined with the Blue Karma Villas. 

Luxury and Joy on the beautiful phinisi with multiple areas for relaxation and entertainment.

Will you combine your stay in a resort of the Blue Karma? 
Let’s shape the itinerary for you to enjoy a fabulous experience on board. Indonesian landscapes and the unique personalities of Indonesian people will be incomparable to any of your travel experiences so far. 


As one of Indonesia’s most luxury yet intimate Phinisi boats, Blue Karma Oracle Yacht invites you to live on board and sail across the Indonesian archipelago for bespoke luxury cruises experiences that promise to take your breath away. 

Visit Komodo National park, at the east of Bali and Lombok. An Unesco World Heritage site, home to the legendary Komodo Dragon and one of the most sought-after cruising grounds in Indonesia. 
Stretching east from Bali lies Lombok, Sumbawa, Moyo and Flores – these isles host a wealth of interesting sights above land. The famed islands of Komodo National Park are known for the endemic Komodo dragons, respected by locals who believe they descend from one born to a dragon princess, centuries ago. Rolling hills and mangroves in the north give way to craggy mountainous terrain in
the central region, while in the south, Horseshoe Bay is about as close as you can get to Jurassic Park with cliffs shrouded in cloud and the force of the Pacific Ocean pounding the coast outside the cove.
With an official count of more than 1,000 types of fish and 260 types of corals, the warm tropical waters of Komodo National Park are one of the most species-rich underwater environments on earth. One of the wonderful things about this underwater playground is that around 60% of its dive sites are also suitable for snorkelling with their shallow, fringing reefs. Surfers can explore the surrounding islands of Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba and Rote for perfect waves.

You may ask for the itineraries well-shaped by the Blue Karma Oracle chain of villas, resorts and yacht and we will share.

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